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I made this account to post Dragon Age:Origins fanfiction. I write it for myself, though I hope others get some enjoyment out of it.

Fair warning - my stories generally contain mature content.

Some background, for anyone who has not played the game:
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There and Back - Regret (An Alistair one-shot)
So there was an outpouring of anger against Alistair, after I published the most recent chapter of my story There and Back Again. In my head, that wasn't how it was meant to go, but clearly I didn't get my ideas across the way I intended. Sticking with one viewpoint - Sierra's - makes it harder to show what's happening in someone else's head, as well as in the background when she's not around. So I was inspired to write this one-shot from Alistair's point of view from the last few chapters. Here's hoping it makes his actions seem more reasonable. I honestly aimed for most people to be irritated with Sierra, and cheering Alistair for standing up for himself, even a little.

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There and Back - Chapter 158
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There and Back - Chapter 157
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There and Back - Chapter 156
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There and Back - Chapter 155
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There and Back - Chapter 154
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There and Back - Chapter 153
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There and Back - Chapter 152
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There and Back - Chapter 151
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